What is Flap Disc?

Many industries get benefits from the use of flap discs. Among all the surface treatment tools such as cutting wheels and grinding wheels. How are flap discs distinctive?

As we know that flap discs also known as flapper wheels, which is used for right-anger grinder. Based on operators’ needs, abrasive flap discs can provide stock removal or precise blending and finishing. Compared with abrasive grinding wheels, they have more function and operations, also flap disc with lower vibration and noise levels.

Abrasive flap discs are perfect choice for most of applications, because the operator can perform the grinding and finishing process under a timesaving, cost-lowering and efficient way. They grind as hard abrasive grinding wheels but with more control, which can help you to reduce the risk of grinding process. The flap disc is still usable even after some part of abrasives wear out, because the new abrasive is exposed. They also have a softer feel than grinding wheels, and they can reduce the risk of removing too many materials from the workpiece by over grinding. If we choose an anger grinder flap disc, it is necessary for us to consider factors such as material, shape, grain size, type and density etc.


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